Craniosacral Therapy 
A light touch whole-body treatment technique developed by John e Upledger DO,QMM:  
A hands-on treatment, done fully clothed.  
Working with the body’s cerebrospinal fluid flow to pinpoint and address problem sources, which nourishes the central nervous system and improves overall health and well-being by boosting the body’s ability to self-care. 
Craniosacral therapy helps to alleviate the aches, pains, and strains of life, improving coping mechanisms to allow for better management of stress. 
The long-established principle of reflexology is that a relationship exists between the nerve endings on the foot and parts of the body including organs, glands, spine, and limbs. 
Reflexology is a unique method of massaging the feet using specific techniques, producing a positive effect on the nervous system.  
It works through stimulating the body’s own ability to rebalance and heal itself. 
Reflexology is a holistic therapy, meaning it takes into consideration the whole person; the emphasis of the treatment is on the individual rather than the condition. 
Remedial Massage 
Remedial massage is aimed at anybody who has an area of dysfunction in the soft tissues of their body or wants to feel looser and “lighter” in their muscles.  
Many clients come for maintenance treatments to keep a check on any tight and aching muscles. 
It is an ideal therapy for those requiring a firm but relaxing massage, as treatment is focused on the tight and tender tissues, but incorporated into a whole area massage. 
Aromatherapy Massage 
Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils) added to the massage oil or lotion. 
Inhaling essential oils through the nose is thought to promote beneficial changes in the mind and body by affecting the limbic system in the brain. 
Essential oils are also believed to be absorbed through the skin. 
This wonderful flowing massage uses tailored blended oils with a base to suit your individual requirements. 
Health & Wellbeing Massage 
The wellbeing massage is for someone who is feeling many aches and pains and doesn’t feel they qualify for the sporty type massage.  
It comprises remedial, deep tissue and holistic massage techniques and is completely bespoke to you and your needs. 
It's excellent for treating stress, anxiety and general aches, and pains.  
Senior Massage 
Massage Therapy for seniors can be an effective, non invasive way to help alleviate some of the symptoms experienced with the ageing process - especially when used to compliment traditional medical services.  
It uses specialised techniques utilised for seniors including, lighter, gentler movements and the application of pressure to specific points on the body.  
Even the most gentle massage has proven effects on the nervous system and blood circulation, which are two of the most vulnerable systems of the body that feel the effects of ageing.  
With regular massage, seniors can experience an improved quality of life increased energy levels, feeling younger and healthier overall. 
Massage therapy has been proven to have positive effects on Insominia; alleviating depression ,support physical and mental relaxation, assist in improved healing from injuries and illnes, and may reduce chronic pain due to osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and polymyalgia.  
Myofascial Release  
Myo = Muscle | Fascial = Fascia | Release = Release 
About Fascia 
Fascia is a continuous sheet of tough connective tissue that holds us together and helps the body move in coordinated patterns.  
Fascia is an interconnected 3D web of connective tissue that gives our body its shape, structure and functionality. 
In a healthy hydrated state, fascia is able to stretch & move without restriction. Trauma such as injury, illness, surgery, physical or emotional stress will cause the fascia to tighten and dehydrate resulting in fascial restrictions. 
This is a major factor of muscle pain and restricted movement.  
Over time, restrictions often lead to troubled sleep, irritability, fatigue, poor posture, numbness & tingling, headaches, weight changes, depression and increased cortisol levels, all of which leave us more susceptible to illness and injury. 
About the therapy 
Myofascial release therapy is a very soothing and effective hands-on technique. Gentle sustained pressure into fascia literally melts the tissue, releasing restrictions throughout the whole body.  
A release may trigger emotions or an urge to lift and move the limbs around – this is known as fascial unwinding. Immediate benefits have been described as "feeling loser and lighter. "  
Myofascial release is usually incorporated within remedial massage treatment. However, a full treatment is particularly helpful for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, stress, postural imbalances, chronic pain, headaches, emotional trauma. 
My treatments are inspired by my love of different therapies. My aim is to provide a tailor made treatment according to your needs in a calm quiet space. 
Susan Clark, Health and Wellbeing Therapist 
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